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[Kamaishi City] Make use of it! Communication course "Hone your listening skills"

  2020/10/17 Kamaishi City   98 Views

How carefully do you listen to the stories around you?

We are very interested in speaking. There are many lectures on how to speak and presentations, and it is essential to speak, especially in business situations. Similarly, "listening" is very helpful for better communication. An opportunity to build better relationships in various relationships such as work, romance, couples, and children. For solving problems in human relationships. Support the people around you and improve your reliability! Self-importance also increases.

What is the usefulness of saying "listening" to us?

What can we get by listening?

Why don't you learn while experiencing the tips of "listening" well and hone your "listening power" together?

Benefits of "listening"

  • For building good relationships with trust
  • Increases your ability to support others
  • Improves communication skills
  • Makes it easier to solve difficult relationships
  • Reduces worries about relationships
  • You can increase your sense of self-importance
  • You can listen to a lot of information and the true intentions of the other party

Useful for this

  • Useful for work involving people
  • To improve relationships with subordinates
  • For prevention of early retirement in companies
  • Essential skills for business management
  • You can face your child well
  • Helps restore marital relationships
  • You can get along with people who are not good at it

-Impressions of taking the communication course "Hone your listening power"-

● I thought it was important to communicate by speaking, but I realized that my listening ability increased my understanding and trust in the other person, and that I could communicate better. From now on, I would like to continue listening with a little consciousness. Thank you very much.

It's very helpful and practical today, so I'm going to go home and try it. I was talking to the neighbor, but I wasn't frustrated when I was angry, so I got the image that it would get better again. The atmosphere was very nice and it was an instant time. Thank you very much.

● Great listening ability. I was able to understand the need to listen and interact with each other while keeping pace with the other party. I would like to use it not only for my family but also as a communication tool.

Learn the basics of listening!

"Hone your listening skills"

* Date and time : Saturday , October 17th, 9: 30-12: 15

Meeting place Kamaishi Information Exchange Center Meeting Room 1

Tuition fee 5,000 yen (text, tax included)

* Capacity 4 people * Small number of people.

Lecture Miwako Iwaizumi PHP Institute Certified Business Coach

* Please check this before applying.

About measures to prevent the spread of infection in our training and lectures

Application form Office m-SMILE sponsored course participation application form

* We will send you information about the application details and tuition fee to the email address you entered when you applied .

Therefore, please make settings so that our address can be received.

* Those who are currently active as human resources consulting, lecturers, and counselors

Those who are planning activities in the future and those in the same industry are kindly requested to refrain from participating.

Holding period 2020/10/17
Open time Opening 9:30

Start at 12:15
Another schedule Another schedule
Venue Kamaishi Information Exchange Center Meeting Room 1
Address 1-1-10 Omachi, Kamaishi City
Parking Parking Lot
Access access
Price 5,000 yen (text / tax included)
Contact Office.m.smile@gmail.com Iwaizumi
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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