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Ofunato Machimori University, 4th Machimori Studies-City Guardian, Move-

  2020/8/25~2020/8/29 Ofunato   23 Views

What is Ofunato Machimori University?

It is a place of learning and practice to protect the city and liven up the city, centered on the Cassen area of Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture.

Although it is named "University", there are no entrance exams or credits.

I would like to invite people who want to make Ofunato a better city, who are interested in community development and community development, and who want connections other than companies and schools.

The 4th Machimori Gaku-City Guardian, Move-

Ofunato Machimori University, which will be held offline for the first time this year! Let's liven up the city of Ofunato while taking measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection!

This Machimori study will be held separately for the 1st to listen to the lecturer and the 2nd to discuss by ourselves. In the 2nd, we will discuss what kind of action can be taken based on Mr. Kito's story, so please participate in the 1st online or offline!

* Please refrain from participating if you are in poor physical condition to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

[1st Input-Viewpoint for Creating Your Own Town-]

Date and time: Tuesday, August 25, 2nd year of Reiwa 19: 00-

Location: Cassen Community Space

Lecturer: Ryota Kito (Senior Managing Director, Aburatsu Cheering Team Co., Ltd.)

Capacity: 25 people No capacity online

Participation fee: Free

Contents: Introducing Mr. Kito's efforts to revitalize the Aburatsu Shopping Street in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Learn how the space and environment were created to create a shopping district where people come and go and young people take on challenges.

8/25 Same-day schedule

19:00 Opening

・ Introduction of Ofunato Machimori University

・ Online holding status, future holding schedule

19:15 Speech by Ryota Kito (may be online)

・ About Aburatsu Shopping Street Revitalization Business

・ The viewpoint that has been cherished

20:15 Q & A

20:30 Closing

[2nd output-What we can do to change our town-]

Date and time: Saturday, August 29, 2nd year of Reiwa 18: 00-

Location: Ofunaport Multipurpose Room

Capacity: 40 people No capacity online

Participation fee: Free

Contents: What should we do with Cassen Ofunato and Sheng Shopping Street while looking back on the opinions expressed in 1st and online town planning? This is an opportunity for participants to think about what they want to do.

8/29 Same-day schedule

18:00 Opening

・ Looking back on the 1st (Mr. Taro Fujita)

・ Self-introduction within the group (name, affiliation, speech content of Mr. Kito who left an impression)

18:30 Group work

・ What is the state of the shopping district being activated? (10 minutes)

・ What do you want to do to revitalize the shopping district? (Half an hour)

Break (10 minutes)

・ What do you need to do to realize the idea you came up with? (Half an hour)

19:50 Share

20:10 Closing

Lecturer introduction

Mr. Ryota Kito (Senior Managing Director, Aburatsu Cheering Team Co., Ltd.)

As a tenant mix supporter in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, he worked on the rehabilitation business of Aburatsu Shopping Street, which was a shutter town, and realized 29 new stores and attracted IT entrepreneurs during his term of office of about four years.

Application / Inquiry

If you would like to participate, please apply from the URL below.


Inquiries: NPO Ofunato Citizen Activity Center
Mail shimin@ofunatocity.jp
Tel 0192-47-5702

Holding period 2020/8/25~2020/8/29
Open time Opening 18:30

Start at 19:00
Venue 8/25 Cassen Ofunato Community Space

8/29 Ofunaport 2nd floor multipurpose room

Online participation on both days is also possible
Address 10-3 Nonoda, Ofunato-cho, Ofunato-shi
Parking Have
Price free
Contact NPO Ofunato Citizen Activity Center

Person in charge: Kinoshita / Kanano


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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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